Gyprock Repairs

Want to get rid of those Unsightly scrapes on your walls? Ampro Constructions’s Gyprock Repairs Service is the solution

Whether you’re moving in or out, accidents are bound to happen while moving furniture. Gyprock repair experts at Ampro Constructions are trained to quickly and easily patch and paint damaged areas so they look as good as new.

Our Repair Experts

Our experts understand that it’s useless to cover up a patch if there is an underlying problem because the crack will just keep appearing again. With the skill set of the highest caliber and the state of the art tools, our repair experts will arrive at the root of the problem and offer a long lasting solution.

Don’t waste your weekend trying to fix the problem on your own. Let us help to bring your property back to life. We have extensive experience in sorting out the small repairs that you simply throw in the “too hard to do basket” for another day. With our gyprock repair service in action, you don’t need put those jobs off any longer.

All you need to do is to call us for an obligation free quote and kick back, relax and watch the experts take care of the job for you.

For us customer satisfaction is paramount. Therefore, we invite our clients to enjoy price transparency, good honest advice, and a service delivered to the highest standards.

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